Not Cambridge!


Something different this week. The blog title makes it fairly clear. This week's images are not from Cambridge, or even Cambridgeshire. They are in fact from the Suffolk (the next county along) seaside town of Aldeburgh. I thought long and hard about whether to include this or not - after all, my blog is supposed to be all about Cambridge (and occasionally the surrounding area). To be honest though, I really liked them!

I'm also really loving my new iPhone 7 and would recommend it to anyone who uses their phone for photography. I'd love to get peoples' thoughts on this - I have had an iPhone for many years now and of course each new revision has brought about an improved camera. With this incarnation, however, Apple seem to have struck gold in how the iPhone handles its colour palette. Take a picture and every colour just seems to be almost identicial to the reality in front of you. As an overall device it might only be a seen as an incremental upgrade but I am certainly sold on it (although Apple, please put the Apple music app back to how it was in IOS 9!) 

Back to the images and a recent visit to the very quant seaside town of Aldeburgh. Located on the Suffolk coast line and to quote Wikipedia - "the town is notable for having been the home of composer Benjamin Britten and as the centre of the international Aldeburgh Festival of arts at nearby Snape Maltings founded by him in 1948.[2] It remains an artistic and literary centre with an annual Poetry Festival and several food festivals as well as other cultural events.[2] It is a former Tudor port and was granted Borough status in 1529 by Henry VIII. Its historic buildings include a 16th-century moot hall and a Napoleonic-era Martello Tower." To add my thoughts on the town..... Some of the most amazing fish and chips I've ever eaten!

Taken with an iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone