All Saints at Dawn

all saints church in Cambridge at dawn

I've been doing a big clean out of my Lightroom photo library over the past few days. Sorting through past photos (some from right back in 2015) and forcing myself to commit yes or no on whether they were worth keeping or uploading to a photo site (or blog) or even good enough to sell ( for all my photography work!) I tend to be something of  a photo hoarder. Some photographers I know will literally go through their latest shot in a few minutes and commit there and then to whether an image is worth keeping or not. I cannot do that. I find myself mulling over an image and going back and forth to it several times before clicking the reject or retain button. 

I'd love to know how other photographers manage their photo libraries. Do you have a cavalier attitude to retain or reject or are your more thoughtful and take your time? Which is the best method do you think

Back to this weeks' image and another of my morning sunrise shots - the first in fact of a handful from the same early morning (a very cold morning) shoot from earlier in the year.... Actually, from last year (I forget it was now 2017!) The most vivid memory from that morning was forgetting my gloves and having to defrost my sore hands around a hot chocolate after an hour in the cold.

The main subject of the image is All Saints church and its impressive tall and thin spire. I took several shots of the building as the sun was just beginning to rise behind it. The impending sunlight turned the church into a spectacular silhouette and the sky behind it a deep blue. I turned the ISO right down and the exposure up so as not to blow out the blacks of the building and retain the colours of the sky.

Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm Lens / ISO 100 / Exposure 1/1000