Middle Class Urban Graffiti

Anglesey Abbey Stickers

This week’s images a hastily taken image with my iPhone a couple of years ago – I only came across it when I was sorting through my Cambridge photos this week – Part of a larger migration of my photo archive to a different cloud platform. I would be interested to hear what other people use to store their photos.

I currently have a NAS Hard Drive located at home which holds all my photos and then I manually replicate this in “the cloud” – Microsoft’s cloud to be exact. I’m now finding however that the 1TB I’m currently allocated is not enough to hold everything (two thousand photos taken over a weekend of Motorsport didn’t help!) For that reason I have taken advice from a techy friend of mine and strengthen my seemingly every growing ties with Amazon by moving to their Glacier Achieving platform.  Not an easy job when you’ve got nearly 900GB of photos and can’t simple drag and drop from one to the other! I’m sure this would be filed in the “Middle Class Problem” drawer!

Anyway, back to this weeks image. Some Middle Class Urban Graffiti – some reckless and wilful damage to property outside the gates of the National Trust properly Anglesey Abbey (a few mile from the edge of Cambridge for the uninitiated. For some reason it appeared to have become a trend to discard your entry sticker on this post upon leaving – not completely sure why, but it did create a really striking pattern! Last time I visited the Abbey post had been cleaned down and all the stickers removed (graffiti police I presume!) I’ve not been back for a while and would love to hear whether they've returned!

Taken with an Apple Phone Smartphone

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