Bride To Be

bride to be

bride to be

Back to the photos again and my choice this week might be classed as controversial by some or just a bit of fun by others - depending on your point of view. A woman, on a hen party carrying an object through the middle of Cambridge - nothing that unusual about that. Except of course when you look closer at the object..... Could it be a pillow perhaps or maybe an inflatable light-sabre (a little bit of Star Wars for you there) - we all know it isn't and I'll leave it there.

When I noticed her I was on the way back from shooting people on punts (I've just read that back and need to make it clear I mean shooting photographs of people on punts) for most of the morning and was heading to the nearest cafe for a well-deserved coffee.

The crowds seemed to part in front of her as she made her way down Kings Parade (maybe because of what she was carrying!)

For me, this is the essence of street photography. Capturing that moment that you might never see again. That second in time. Often you don't need to know the back story or the reasons or the eventual outcome. It's simply a moment. 

Taken with a Canon 70D DSLR Camera and Sigma 18-250 Lens.

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