Burghley House "Summer" Film Festival

What happened to summer.....! Saturday July 28th 2018, Burghley House Stately Home (on the edge of Cambridgeshire) and what some would call a typical British summer evening. I should point out two days earlier, the temperature was over thirty degrees and not a cloud in the sky. That all seemed a distance memory as I sat in the car (no real desire to get out) and filmed the rain flying past. 

Luckily after a few minutes the rain started to ease off and the sun slowly began to show itself apologetically from behind the dark clouds. 

Burghley house in the rain and sunshine

The importance of the sun and the vanishing of the rain becomes more understood when you realise we were here for the annual (Outdoor) Burghley House Film Festival. Two films shown on a massive screen in the grounds behind the house. "Bring your desk chairs and a picnic and enjoy the movies as the summer sun goes down in the distance". 

Luckily the rain did eventually abate and the sun, blue sky and light cloud slowly took over the skies again. We were able to enjoy a lovely night watching the two films (Hangover and Saturday Night Fever) and apart from a couple of short showers (requiring a shelter under the collective group umbrella for a few moments) the night remained dry.

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