Cambridge Parking

Parking a car in Cambridge. Something some would called a tall order,. Some would even laugh when you mention it! Cambridge is no different to any other city in having too many people trying to find too few spaces. The ultimate game of musical chairs - something you should only attempt if you really know where to look.

The centre of Cambridge is for the most part a no parking area. Permit Holding parking signs adorn most roads and the rest are covered with no parking zones. Anyone who has ever driven into Cambridge will have spent time slowly driving around the streets on the vague off-chance that someone might, just might be about to relinquish their space - often driving past the same empty cars several times because, "you never know!"

This particular photo was taken the same day as the photo of the "Jelly Bean Queen" from last week. I had actually finished my photo taking for the day and was driving across the city to pick up my other half who was working. I passed this road, located just a couple of streets from the main University and for some reason was instantly taken with it. I think it was the way the road just seems to continue on and on into the distance.  The parked cars seemed to create an inticing pattern down both sides of the image. Positioning myself in the centre of the road (being very careful not to get ran over) I took several shots; some with the camera sitting on the ground and others at the normal level (the option I went with). I also tried various different colour and filters within Lightroom, eventually settling on this cropped version with an HDR style colourisation - creating almost a computer game look to the shot.

Taken with a Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso200 / F8