River Cam Rush Hour

Not all traffic in Cambridge can be found on the road. sometimes the most congested place in the city is on the River Cam! Summer time brings tourists to the city by the thousand and tour groups and coach loads by the hundreds. All of them at some point will gravitate to the river and to what is probably the most popular past-time in the city - punting. There's nothing more relaxing than gently floating down the river, passing the cities historical landmarks as you go, the ducks and swans gracefully gliding past you, a glass of wine in one hand and an ice cream in the other.  

The image above doesn't exactly portray this tranquil ideal. Sometimes the River Cam can get somewhat, busy - River Cam Rush Hour.... 

This image was taken from the Garret Hostel Bridge on a hot summers day (last weekend in fact). The city felt full to bursting with visitors and trying to get a clear shot of anything was proving difficult. It was also graduation day at the colleges which added a few hundred more people to the already busy streets. After an hour or so of fighting through the crowds and trying to avoid being hit by what seemed like a million selfie sticks I had almost given up hope of capturing anything. It was only when I headed across to the bridge on the off chance that I found my inspiration. The Cam was packed full of punts, all viying for space on the narrow river - a floating car park! Most of time they'd all find their way through, but occasionally the river simply couldn't accommodate everyone and what could only be described as gridlock would follow. Great fun to watch!

The image was processed with an HDR effect in Lightroom with some slight changes made to contrast and highlights.

Taken with a Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso200 / F8