The Cam Through The Bridge

river cam through clare college bridge

Just like last week's bike shot - this week's image took several attempts to get right. My goal was simple - take an image through the columns of Clare bridge with the Cam in the centre and the columns providing a nice frame of the river. First the sun was shining directly in my face and caused the image to be over exposed; then a punt decided to position itself in such a way that it seems to be protruding from the stone work and to top it all, I seemed to lose the ability to hold the camera steady enough to frame the image properly. I ended up taking around twenty different versions of their image, hoping that one of them would have worked.

Note - very hard to try and work out if a portion of an image is level on a small camera screen in direct sunlight!

I played about a little bit in post production with the exposure of the background and also raised the colour levels of the river and the grass to make them more striking.

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