The Angel Of Cambridge

sculpture in window of fitzwilliam museum cambridge

Back to black and white this week and an image which was taken a couple of years ago, but only resurfaced when cleaning out the photos on my iPhone (yearly spring clean)

This weeks image was taken in the Fitzwilliam Museum. One of the main tourist attractions in the city (and rightly so) and a real treasure-trove of artefacts, artwork and cornucopia. Its other claim to fame is that for some reason I've never featured it in the Cambridgebyphoto blog.

The principal subject of the image is the Angel of The North Marquette - proudly looking out over the streets of Cambridge. This is one of twelve; cast in bronze and made by Sir Antony Gormley prior to building their bigger brother located in Gateshead. 

Taken with my iPhone, the silhouette stood out at the time - a perfect outline against the bright sky behind it.

Taken with an iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone.

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