Cambridge Big Wheel

I don't care for heights. Man was not meant to fly and I don't want to give gravity the chance to see if I am the exception. I can do lifts and steep staircases and even the occasional cliff or building edge but put me in a small location very high up and I'm not a happy person....... And don't even get me started on hot air balloons!

I mention this because this week's image (my final post before Christmas) is one of those locations. I will point out now that I have not been on this big wheel nor do I intend to. The thought of being in a small phonebook sized capsule (with no windows) with just the wind and the constant swaying it brings for company breaks me out in sweats just thinking about it. 

This is the Northpole Ice rink and fair; part of the festive celebrations the city lays on and it seems now a Christmas staple in most cities across the UK. This year, as well as the normal fairground rides and food and drink stalls, the big wheel was also added to the mix. I've driven past it on several occasions and each time I've promised myself I would try and photograph it once before it was taken down in early January.

In my mind, I had a vision of the sunrise behind it and the frame producing some incredible silhouette. This was one of those rare times when I achieved what I wanted. The images were taken just after the morning rush hour had subsided and the sun was making its way up the sky. Shooting directly into the sunlight the framework became a perfect silhouette against the bright morning sky. I turned the ISO right down and very short exposure to ensure that the sky detail was captured. I took about twenty shots across a five-minute period as the sun rose higher and higher.

I applied a tiny amount of processing to the image in Lightroom with a small adjustment to the highlights and shadow settings. Hope you like it.

From everyone at Cambridgebyphoto, have a great Christmas and New Year.

Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM