Cambridge Bike Art

Bikes in a rack by Cambridge Market

A bit of abstract artwork this week and an image which took me over twenty shots to come close to getting right! On the face of it this seemed like a quite a simple shot. The bike rack in question (located near the Market Place in the centre of the city) was completely full to the brim with bikes and as I walked past I noticed what an interesting shape the wheels created as they converged in the centre of the rack. I balanced myself on one knee and prepared to take the shot - trying to get a perfect line down the centre - a clean abstract shot.....

Twenty plus shots later I finally managed to get a couple of usable images. The problems were a) people in the shot at the other end and b) trying to work out the best things in the distance to actually focus on! The camera initially seemed drawn to the "Zizzi" logo in the far distance (an Italian restaurant chain as a point of reference - good for a quick pizza. They do a very good bread basket as well!) Eventually I settled on the saddle at the end of bike rack. 

Going through the images I was initially going to discard all of them. None of the images seemed to really capture what I was trying to achieve. It was one of those times when it seemed like a good idea but not in implementation. I left them for a while and only returned back to the images a few weeks ago. On second viewing, a couple of them didn't seem that bad. I played about with some filters and colours in Lightroom and decided that the monochrome option seemed to create a more dramatic image.

Taken with a Canon600d with a Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM / iso100 / F6.3