Cambridge Bike Blur

cambridge blike blue

Cambridge isn't my only photographic love - away from the spires, bikes and tourists, I can often be found at many UK motor racing circuits trying to capture the action on and off the track – (check out for more information – shameless plug over!) More on my love of motorsport and my other photographic site in a later post....

A large amount of motorsport photography involves trying to capture a fast moving object as sharply and well placed in the shot as possible This week's image was taken very much along the same lines – trying to capture a cyclist going past as a blur, while keeping the background as sharp and uncluttered as possible.

As is often the case, the moment I set up my camera in preparation for the stream of morning commuters rushing past, the pathway suddenly became the quietest location in Cambridge. No one came past (not on a bike anyway). Eventually a lone cyclist finally appeared and I managed to capture two shots as he sped by. This weeks image is one of those two.

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