Biking Past

cambridge mono bike view

I probably looked quite strange as I stood, rigid with my camera trained on the dress shop across the road from me – almost like some kind of failed undercover investigator who’d forgotten you need to stay hidden when following someone.

In reality I wasn’t interested by the shops or their contents (human or stock). Instead I was trying to capture an image of a cyclist in motion. This proved harder than originally expected and took several shots being I managed to achieve the desired effect. In some of the early shots the cycle was either not fully in view or was too far to the edge of the image. In others there was something else going past in the background or the background was momentarily blurred. Finally, I managed to capture what seemed like the best of the lot (three in fact – of which this weeks image is my chosen shot).

I tried several different colours and filters when processing the image. Initially I was simply planning to leave it in full colour, but for some reason the cyclist just didn’t stand out enough. I then played about with a monochrome filter but this looked too flat. Finally, I settled on a single colour filter (based on a yellow hue) with the clarity and highlights increased. This helped to create a kind of antique look to the shot.

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