Cambridge Braille Map Closeup

This model, with its braille legend, can be seen in King's Parade (just in front of Great St Mary's Church) in the centre of the city and is a great visual display of Cambridge. It is a location (or should that be an object) that I've tried to photograph several times and never really managed to capture it as I wanted to. Each time the images made the model look flat and unexciting. I found it hard to capture the deep golden colour of the sculpture. I tried zooming right in to capture key details or taking a wide angel shot to try and get the whole map in. Either way it just seemed to missing something. 

It was recently that I gave it another go. There had just been a heavy rain shower and although the majority of the map had dried up; some of the deeper channels which make up the "roads" were still damp. This was the key. The small puddles of water which still lingered in the streets and gullies of the model helped to bring out the gold shine to the metal. I used the tiny replica of Great St Mary's Church as the central focal point for the shot and brought some of the colour tones out with Adobe Lightroom.

Taken with a Canon600d with a Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM / iso100 / F4