Cambridge By Photo Instagram

A shameless plug this week and a shoutout to my one of my other Cambridge By Photo projects - My Cambridgebyphoto Instagram account. To get it out there now, you can access this by clicking on the link below.

It has taken me a long while (in social media terms) to embrace the world of Instagram. whenever I think of the service I tend to picture lots of pictures of celebs showing us what they've eaten to today or page after page of selfie shots (sorry world by I hate selfies!) I set up an account (under my photowarrington moniker) but never really did anything with it. It was only a couple of months ago when I was sorting through some images of Cambridge and decided on which ones to include in my next few blogs that the idea of a "sister site" came to me. I take lots of photos in and around Cambridge and trying to decide which one to use each week can be very tough - often you find yourself having to be fairly brutal with which images to use and which to leave out. Sometimes an image is good but perhaps not good enough to warrant an entire blog entry and sometimes you just want to upload a quick shot of a moment without having to think of paragraphs and paragraphs to write about.

Instagram has given me the perfect solution to this. My Cambridgebyphoto account gives me a place to upload some of the images from Cambridge (and Cambridgeshire) which I perhaps wound;t have created a full blog entry for but still want to dimply to show to the world. Some of them are images i have taken with my DSLR and ran through Lightroom while others are quick shots i've captured with my iPhone and uploaded straight away. Either way it allows to me to share even more or my experiences in and around the city that I love.

I try to upload at least one image every day; ranging from classic shots of the city through to something a bit more abstract or different. This weeks image gives you a section of some of the last few. If you get a moment head across and have a look and as ever I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Taken with many types of camera and Smartphones!