Christmas In Cambridge

Its Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid - Christmas songs are already embedded in my brain. Every shop you walk into still seems to have the same song playlist. The same three of four songs. To many people outside the UK the word Slade or Wizard will not mean a great to you. Some here in the UK might say lucky you! Anyway, no bah humbug here. I love Christmas; I love going into a town decked out to the rafters with festive cheer.  That feeling that Christmas isn't far away. 

It was only last week however that I realised I had no photographs which showed Cambridge at Christmas time. A few images of Kings College chapel with some frost and fog around it but not much else. I only started this blog in February this year and for that reason hadn't specifically taken images of Christmas time in Cambridge. I had somewhat of a panic attached last weekend when I realised i needed to photograph something festive very quickly. What to take a picture of that shows off Cambridge at its Christmas best? I was convinced that I would be instantly inspired as I walked into the city centre - that the place would be full of decorations, Father Christmas's or people drinking mulled wine. It wasn't exactly the case. This is one of those few times that Cambridge slightly let me down....

If you'd blinked twice you might have thought it wasn't even Christmas! Sure there were window displays and Christmas trees for sale on the market but with the exception of a group of students singing carols that was pretty much it. Maybe I caught everyone at the wrong moment. I had this idea of taking an image of lots of people wearing Christmas hats. A sea of red. Nope, no hats either. Actually thats not completely true - I managed to pick out a single red hat in a crowd at the exact moment that my battery died. Once I'd changed it the hat was gone.

I was starting to despair. Was Cambridge going to let me down today? Was it going to be a lonely and empty Christmas at the Cambridgebyphoto Blog? I will admit I was beginning to struggle. Even now i'm not completely happy with my festive entry. As I struggled to find something to show of the city of Cambridge at Christmas I begin to notice one thing that there were a lot of...... Christmas advertising.

I came up with the idea of an advert montage; something to show all the things taking place in the city over Christmas. The most common perhaps being the Christmas Pantomime (oh no it isn't and so on!) I should also come clean in admitting that while taking a photo of the Father Christmas card display I did manage to knock him over while moving him (sorry Santa!)  I've also included a couple of other images from some of the more interesting shop windows. I tried to shy away from the normal polystyrene stars and bright pink christmas trees (a lot of them this year!) and look for something a bit more interesting. I was drawn to both of these two items. I think the "Zombie Clause" speaks for itself. It was the eyes that drew me in! The "Penguin on a Pole" as I call it could perhaps be the worse way i've seen of displaying a christmas decoration. It looks like an autopsy rather than a festive scene! The final image is a little more traditional. A wooden reinrdeer decoration hanging from a market stall. 

A someone abstract festive display it must be said! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Year! And next year if anyone who has a Santa hat could wear them a little more that would be great!


Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM