Cambridge E-luminate Festival 2018

cambridge eluminate festival 2018

The Cambridge E-luminate Festival. An annual, week long lighting display across the city where key city landmarks are lit up with static and moving images, light displays and projected patterns. The festival also encompasses a series of events and workshops - all with the theme of "The infinite possibilities created by light at the intersection of art and science." If you haven't been to see it before I urge you go next year as its shows off the famous Cambridge landmarks in a whole new light (literally)!

This was the first year that I was able to attend and I concentrated my efforts on the Cambridge Senate House as for me this is always the most  impressive display. 

Now I'm a great believer in being honest when things don't go well. If a shoot doesn't go as expected I will always share it with the world! My E-Luminate shoot was one of those experiences. For some reason I just couldn't get everything to work on the night - the positioning, the colours, the angles; I just couldn't get the shots to come together.

To be honest I almost didn't post the photos from the evening - I just didn't think they were good enough. As always I would love everyones feedback (good or bad!)

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