Cambridge Glass Office

Cambridge isn't just about spires and historical buildings and architecture. The city possesses some of the most up to date, cutting edge and exciting architecture you'll find outside of the capital. Sometimes it works, and the latest design is seamlessly integrated into the ancient stone buildings of the city centre to the point that you think it's always been there - other times you get the feeling the city isn't ready for something so new (I have examples but i'm keeping them to myself). Areas of the city have changed beyond all recognition over the past 10-20 years. Does anyone remember what the city centre looked like before they built the Grand Arcade shopping centre? 

This weeks image is one of the larger new monuments to glass that the city has seen. Botanic House. Opened in 2012, the office block is located on the edge of the famous Cambridge Botanical Gardens (hence the name)  and is only a stones throw from Cambridge train station and the main city centre. To quote the original press release, "The distinctive 60,000 sq ft Botanic House is lens-shaped, designed by Formation Architects, and enjoys stunning views of Cambridge University’s Botanic Garden. It features a concrete frame, with full height glazing on the north elevation and brick panelling on the south elevation." Essentially it a very large office building, but a very impressive one. As you make your way up the built up and busy Hills road it towers in front of you. It is a truly striking building.

It is a location I'd wanted to photograph for a while. As i've mentioned before I love architecture and the perfect lines and shapes of a typical modern building. For some reason I never found myself nearby to grab some shots until one early morning when I made it my single aim to get some shots of Botanic house. The early morning sky gave me the perfect backdrop as the sun was still conspicuous by its absence and the inky blue sky create the perfect backdrop to the dark glass facia of the building. The odd light in some of the windows helps to give the eye some extra focal points. 

I played about with the colour levels in Lightroom with this image to try and bring out more of the inky blue of the early morning sky.

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Taken with a Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso200 / F7.1