Grand Arcade Cambridge

Shopping and retail therapy plays a big part in the daily lives of the people of Cambridge, as it does in most cities. The residents and visitors to Cambridge are very well catered for. Whether its large commercial shopping spaces filled with the familiar and highly coroporate and homogenised brand names that draw the crowds or the smaller indpendant retailers that tend to offer something just a little bit different.  Locations such as Rose Crescent and Kings Parade provide these more bohemian stores which ooze character and individuality. 

The Grand Arcade is very much the former. 

Opened in 2008 as part of a major development of the Cambridge city centre, the Grand Arcade is the centrepiece of the cities shopping district. It was built from the ground up on the site of the former john Lewis department store and magistrates court as well several rows of tired, seventies buildings long since past their best. The Grand Arcade created a two floor concourse and a modern focal point for the city centre - bringing with it high end brands such as Apple, Swarovski and Ted Barker.

Taking shoppers from the Market place, through the older Lion Yard shopping centre and out onto St Andrews Street and past the centrepiece of the Arcade the new John Lewis department store; the Grand Arcade has both its fans and its critics. It doubters call it a concrete monstrosity which sits uneasily with the history and culture of Cambridge while others see it as a much needed upgrade to the cities retail facilities and a sign of prosperity in the city. 

This particulsr shot was taken from the top floor looking down onto to the St Andrews Street entrance. I really love how the image pulls you in. The high sides of the walls and the glass roof create a tunnel effect to the shot. I love perspective and leading lines - how an image can literally draw you into it. 

Taken with a Canon600d with a Canon EF-S 18-200mm lens / iso400 / F9