So That Was Cambridge In 2017

cambridge photo blog look back at 2017

Ok, I know there is still nearly two weeks to go until the end of 2017 but I decided to buck the trend and have my look back entry a week early! I was going to start by listing everyone I could think of that has happened in and around Cambridge over the last twelve months but I know if I do that I'll miss out someones favourite or memorable moment. 

Instead I'll open it up to the floor. What was your best (or worst) memory of the city of Cambridge this year? Would it be the opening of the new train station(s) or the wonderful A14 roadworks, or perhaps some new restaurant or cafe opening (there seems to be a new one opening every week at the moment!) 

For me the most memorable photographic event of the year was still the snow fall from a couple of weeks ago. Standing in the grounds of Kings College, surrounded by a blanket of untouched snow fall (with more still falling) was something I won't forget for a long while.

Thank you to everyone who subscribes, reads or simply dips in and out of my weekly Cambridge Blog. I look forward to bringing even more views and thoughts on the City of Cambridge in 2018. Thank you also to everyone who has purchased something from my print store. Keep an eye out as more images and potetnially more print options are added next year.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and break.

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