Light Through The Tree's

A little bit of nature this week and not a person in sight. Not a great surprise as this was taken at around 6.30 on a very cold winters morning (note the frost on the ground)! The only people out at this time of day seem to be runners (see last weeks image) and the odd (as in very few, not strange) person who's job demands unfriendly starting hours. 

This weeks image shows the entrance to Clare College. For some reason these big stone gates always remind me of something from Harry Potter. I think its the tree lined driveway and the slightly foreboding buildings of the college in the distance and the gothic feel to the whole location. The gates almost look as though there was one something more to the structure; some wall which encompassed the universities (I am reliably informed there wasn't!)

I tried several different effects with this image, both monochrome and also this pseudo HDR effect which I finally settled for. By increasing the situation levels of the colours and playing with the highlight sliders on Lightroom, I was able to really bring out the colour palette of the winters light and the shadows cast by the trees. Looking back at it I think I would have reduced the level of noise reduction used as some of the detail no the gate has been a little bit lost. Maybe i'll repost it again in the future on my Instagram account with a processing refresh!

Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso100 / F14