Cau Light Fitting

Something different again this week. No lingering views of stunning architecture or photos of bikes! An object for a change. So what is it.....? Maybe this should be the sites first competition. What is it and where can you find this in Cambridge?

This is actually a light fitting (clue is in the title) and is located in a steak restaurant called Cau in the city centre. The light fixture (which looks like some kind of metallic hedgehog) can be found in the bathroom cubics of all places and is hung directly on the wall, which is painted to look like grass, (in keeping in with the cow/steak theme). Within the dimmed light it creates a wonderful reflection on the wall behind it.

The light fixture fits perfectly with the hip and trendy style of the restaurant and in many ways the vibe of eateries in and around Cambridge. There isn't a month that goes by that a new eatery doesn't open in the city. If there is a type of food you want to eat, you can pretty much find it in Cambridge. Everything from pizza to fish to sushi to vietnamese to simple pub fare and everything in between. (More on this in the future...)

This image provides another first on the blog. This is the first smartphone image i've included. I love my Canon camera but there are times when having a bulky DSLR with you just isn't practical (such as in a bathroom cubical!). Its at those times that a smartphone is the perfect alternative. I've had an Iphone for many years (big Apple fan) and there are very few occasions that I haven't got it with me. The technology has moved on massively from the days when the best you could manage with a phone with a grainy postage stamp sized image - the latest handsets (such as the Iphone that I use) can produce images that rival a DSLR for image quality. It will never replace my "proper" camera but will always be a vital part of my equipment list. 

Taken with an Iphone 5s smartphone