Cambridge Market Stall

Cambridge has one of the best, most vibrant and most diverse markets that I know of. Everything from takeaway food to local produce to clothing and other homemade goods. The sheer variety, colour and items on offer bring people from all over the area flocking to its rows of stalls. Whether it be locals during the day, shopping for fruit and veg or grabbing a bite to eat for lunch from the numerous fast food vendors (I strongly recommend the Pineapple Burgers from the Van Of Life!) or tourists winding their way through the gift and nic-nack stalls, Cambridge market is a bustling and the ever-changing heart of the city. 

Cambridge market is also a great place for taking photographs. Whether it be the vibrance and variety of the stalls or the people making their way around them, there is always something to see. In coming months I will be including some images of "Market inhabitants" but for this week I've decided to keep things more old school. This week's image is the more classic market stall - flower stall. Located on the edge of the market, this stall has been in the same place for many years and is always a mass of colour. Everything from spring daffodils to roses to Christmas holly and ivy and wreaths. The image was taken a couple of weeks ago and although it was a fairly dark day, the colours of the stall, jam-packed with flowers seemed to jump out. 

Just a comparison - at the other end of the spectrum I thought I would also include an image from another market stall..... Slightly different products for sale! I actually took this image several months ago. I was making my way through the market, not particularly aware of the wares around me - turned a corner and was literally confronted by the view below! It was like something from the "It's A Small World" ride at Disneyland! 

With the exception of some changes to the exposure, the image is completely unchanged.

Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / F6.3 / Iso 400