Cambridge Market Stripes

Something more abstract this week and back to the city we all know and love (otherwise why are you reading this blog)! Back to another recent location favourite as well - Cambridge market.

To get the "views from above" shots of the market I've had to ascend and then descend (far worse) the small steps up to the roof of the tower of The Great St Mary's Church which looks over the stalls and marketers below.

I've posted several images from my climb to the summit a couple of December's ago, but always wanted to go back to capture the patchwork stripes patterns of the market stall roofs — something I noticed through one of the staircase windows on the way down.

I must point out now that I'm not a great fan of heights. I don't mind too much being up high, I just hate having to get to and from the location. In the case of the church tower at St Mary's you have to make your way up and down 123 steps (again thanks to Wikipedia for this valuable information). Going up isn't too bad but coming down was the bit I never enjoyed. I always felt I might slip at any moment and bounce down the remaining steps; landing at the bottom in some comedic cartoon style pile. 

For that reason, I vowed to myself not to rush back up there for a long while. A few months ago however temptation got the better of me and I decided to make my way back up the steps to capture those colourful stripes of the market stall roofs that I'd missed the first time. 

I think the image works really well. I turned the saturation levels up a touch in Lightroom - just to bring out the colours and make the patterns stand out. 

Taken with a Canon 70D with a Sigma 18-250 lens

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