Mill At The End Of The River

When writing this, a few days before Christmas last year (that sounds a long time ago now) I was planning to use a spring-like image to remind everyone that a change in the weather wasn't too many months away. That even with the cold and miserable weather outside you would be reminded that spring would eventually push its way through the darkness and new life and greenery would force its way through the cold and hard earth to ring in the warmer weather. As I write this however we are in the middle of what can only be described as a mini heatwave! The temperature outside is a pleasant 15 degrees at the time of year when it should be in very low single figures. 

In the UK (well some parts of it) this Christmas has been the warmest for years. The country however has been split in two with some parts of the country being subjected to massive levels of rain which has led to some of the worst flooding for decades. My genuine sorrow for anyone affected or caught up in this. 

So, as I was saying - the original plan was for this weeks blog to be a window into spring-time; a reminder that the cold weather and short days would be coming to an end soon. I almost changed this weeks entry to something completely different but decided to keep with it. 

This weeks image is once again taken at the nearby country park and historical Anglesey Abbey; a blog favourite of mine.  I've given the history of the location in previous blogs so I won't waste screen space and your reading time by doing it again. In simple terms its is a large expanse of countryside with an abbey and watermill located in the middle. Due to the closeness of the park to my home I tend to visit it several times during the year. I love the ever changing views as the seasons progress and the plant life and flowers make their way through their annual rotations. I always find myself stopping at this point on the path and looking back towards the mill in the distance. I love how the river leads up to it, like some grand driveway and how the trees on both sides create amazing reflections in the water. This is also one of the rare times that someone didn't try and walk into the shot!

Apart from a slight increase in the in the vibrance of the colours in Lightroom the image is completely untouched.

Looking forward to the next year and finding lots of new things to take photos of around Cambridge. I always love to hear from my readings so if there is anything you want to ask or any particular shot you want to see or even just some travel advice if you are visiting the city don't hesitate to contact me.

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Taken with a Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso200 / F7.1