Cambridge Millpond

As promised, no sunrises or sunsets this week. Instead we have a shot of the Millpond in the centre of the city. Another freezing cold morning (from a morning shot back in early February). This is the only the second time the Millpond has been included in the blog — surprising really when you consider what a popular focal point it is for both locals and visitors alike. 

The previous blog entry (see: was taken looking through the stone columns of the bridge in the centre of the image. This week's shot was taken from the other side and shows the Silver Street bridge in all its glory. To the right, you have the Anchor pub (very good Sunday lunch) and behind it, you have the corner of Queens College. 

The Millpond is like a honeypot for tourists and locals alike on a hot day. The small foot bridge (that I was standing on while taking this image) and the grassy open areas is a mecca for people looking to relax, have a picnic or a drink and enjoy the sunshine. 

This image was taken early on a winters morning just after Christmas - the same day in fact as the recent image "Clare Bridge" The sky and the air had a real chill to it and this was certainly brought out in the image. To further add to the effect I used a retro style filter in Lightroom to give the image a further blue hue.

Taken with a Canon 70D with a Sigma 18-250mm Lens

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