Cambridge Parked Bike

How many bikes are there in Cambridge...... It must be in the hundreds, more likely the thousands. Every convievable type. From the top of the range racing and mountain bikes, costing several hundred pounds down to rusting remains whose pedals can only just turn and the saddle is just a thin layer of cotton foam. It seems that everyone in the city has one. The bike in todays image is perhaps the classic Cambridge bike. Not the most exciting or fast or even fashionable but venerable and dependable. The kind of bike that will never go out of style and will always remain practical. This particular bike caught my eye as I was walking through the city purely because of the pink saddle cover! At first glance it looks as though the bike had been abandoned - surrounded as it is by weeds and overgrown plants. As you get closer however you soon realise the bike has been very well looked after. The saddle was carefully covered with a rain cover and the paintwork showed no sign of rust or scratches.

As you walk through the streets of Cambridge and along the terraced streets you see so many bikes chained up outside; waiting for the next time they are stirred into life. Just as you see rows of smart cars parked in drive ways, Cambridge'ites have their bikes (some have some very nice cars as well of course!) Chained up and waiting to be used again. 

I played with several Lightroom filters with this image and settled on an HDR effect. I like how it shows off the fine detail in on the brickwork. 

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Taken with a Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso400 / F7.1