It's a phone box....

cambridge red phone box

The title says it all - a row of red phone-boxes. A row of Cambridge red phone-boxes . Located on the edge of the market place and having looked over the market stalls, tourists and locals for many years - longer than I've been in the city.

For many years places like these were the only way of speaking to someone on the phone if you were out and about. A simpler time; before mobiles and smartphones filled the world and the word "WiFi" was nothing more than a meaningless quartet of letters. 

In 2017 the phone boxes are still active but (when I last checked), you needed to have an account with BT (the UK telephone network) to even use them! No more rummaging around in your pockets for that last twenty pence as you watch the last few seconds of talk time count down.

To be honest there's it much more to say about the image itself. This is a completely unprocessed shot for a change. The image you see here is exactly how it came out of the camera (ok, apart from lens correction!) A homage to a simpler time.....

Taken with a Canon 70D with a Sigma 18-250mm Lens

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