Now Open: Cambridge By Photo @ ETSY

"Please visit for a growing selection of photographic artwork of the city of Cambridge..." 

As you've probably guessed, this weeks blog entry is a slightly shameless plug for the launch of another website of mine. Well, a relaunch.

When I started the Cambridgebyphoto blog making money was not the main intention ; more to simply showcase my work. I started to receive emails however asking whether the images were for sale. For that reason I started my photo store (using the FineArtAmerica selling platform). I also included some of my other (non Cambridge) work.

Sales were ok but I never really like the FAA site design and limitations of what my page could look like. 

A few weeks ago I took the (big) decision to close my store. It was a massive moment of trepidation when I clicked the "Are you sure" button! Similar I would imagine to cutting off your beard in an impulsive moment. 

Two weeks later (last week to be exact), Cambridge By Photo - The Online Store was launched....

I chose to use the Etsy platform as it offers a simple to use site structure which can be configured to show exactly what you want it to. Everything is live and you can purchase my work right now.

Images are available as personal use digital downloads - offered at full size and fully quality levels.

I've chosen what I feel is my best work for the store, but if there's a special request please contact me (email or through the site). If there is a particular blog entry image which you're interested in which isn't listed please give me a shout and we can discuss requirements.

If you are interested in purchasing an image to use for royalty free of commercial use again please contact me to discuss.

Have a look at the site if you get a moment and let me know your thoughts - all comments as always are greatly (and genuinely) appreciated. 

Please also hit the subscribe button on this site as I will be sending out some discount / bulk buy vouchers for the store over the next few weeks! 

Shameless plug over!

Thanks for listening!

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