Cambridge River HDR

birds feeding on the river cam cambridge

Something colourful this week and a return to summer after some wintery photos. I found this summer days image of the River Cam while sorting through some odd's and sods from last year.  This was taken between Magdalene Bridge and the next structure to cross the Cam, The Jesus Lock Footbridge (a bridge whose name I only learned today!) 

This was taken during that very hot week back in June or July last year - or as I call it the British Summer Time. Here in the UK we have to make the most of the heat when it comes around and I'd spent most of the afternoon wandering along the banks of the Cam in the gorgeous sunshine, half forgetting I was carrying a camera. Occasionally the weight in one hand would remind me and I'd remember to take a few shots. The River cam was particular quiet that day. It was almost as though the punters were on some unscheduled strike. 

I checked back and the last time I published an "HDR" image was back in June last year, so time for the next one. As a reminder as to what HDR actually means - To quote Wikipedia.....

"HDR (High-dynamic-range imaging) is a high dynamic range technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.

There you go then.....

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