Cambridge Rose Crescent

Rose Crescent in the heart of Cambridge city centre. A colourful walkthrough and home to many interesting and curious shops and restaurants. Everything from tourist shops to expensive jewellers (where the door is constantly manned by security guards) to clothing stores and even the famous Golden Aches (back right if you can't see them). 

This photo was taken early in the morning just before the shops opened. Minutes before, the pavement was full of people going about their daily routines. I managed to capture a break in the traffic for just a few seconds. The cliental varies massively depending on the hour. During the day you can find ladies-who-lunch and tourists among others; browsing the expensive clothing and jewellery stores or perusing the brightly coloured jars and potions of the Molten Brown or L'Occitane shops. As the light fades and the evening takes hold the shops close and the footfall directs itself to the culinary related establishments - everything from tapas to kebabs to burgers with the word Mac in the name. The is a favourite stop off for many an evening reveller on the way to one of Cambridge's many pubs or bars or on the way home and looking for some comfort food.

The original image is shown below. I have also included an early monochrome version as well. It is the HDR version though that I have chosen as the header for this post. This was actually one of my first photo shoots since I rediscovered my love of photography. I like the perspective and how the pavement literally draws you into the image. I also loved the shear variety of colours and signage. Its an image you can look at several times and notice something different on every viewing.

Hope you like them. I would love to know your favourite! 

Taken with a Canon600d with a EF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens / iso200 / F16