Reflection Of Cambridge Life

I love that moment as a photographer when you capture an image that you know is something a little bit different. something you know might be just that little bit special. Sometimes this can be an image that you've spend an hour scouting for and carefully setting up for or it might be that shot which you come upon unexpectantly and without warning. This weeks shot is one of those images (and one of those reasons why having a camera phone is to hardy!

Walking round the city of Cambridge there is always something to see, something new happening and something to take a photo of. On this particular day I wasn't out taking photos - my mind was squarely positioned towards the pursuit of breakfast. A someway regular occurrence myself and my Wife often find ourselves in Cambridge enjoying a mid morning brunch at one of several locations. This was one of those days and although I had my phone with me, I wasn't particularly thinking "photographically." 

After breakfast we had a brief walk around the market and then headed back to where our car was parked. There is a famous tea shop in city centre called Auntie's Tea Shop - a favourite with tourists as it caters very much in the classic "afternoon tea" type fare such as scones and jam, sponges and various other cakes. A touch expensive, it was however a nice place to go for something sickly sweet and fanning. I digress as I think about getting some Victoria sponge cake from somewhere very soon! We were surprised to notice as we walked past that the tea shop has now closed! While reading the signs on the window and peering inside I happened to notice the almost perfect reflection on the window. It was almost like looking into a mirror. I quickly fumbled for my iPhone and managed to reel off several shots before a few other people decided to have a look through as well (spoiling the shot!)

This was one of those shots where I wasn't really sure if it would work. Viewing it on the phone screen didn't really give any indication it is was clear or in focus or just a colourful mess. I was genuinely pleased with the outcome. 

Taken with an iPhone 6s Plus Smartphone