Cambridge Weathervane


A few entries ago "University Arms Construction" to be exact — ( I mentioned about a weathervane at the foot of the image. Well, this weeks post is about that very same weathervane. 

Parkers Piece in the centre of the city has three buildings located directly on it; The University Arms hotel, a small drinks kiosk and the Mai Thai restaurant. This is the owner of the aforementioned weathervane. 

The weathervane is actually a remnant of the original owner of the building. Back in the 1930s the building was the cricket pavilion — used when Parkers Piece was used for, you've guess it cricket. This explains the iron cricketer on the top.

I know this is a slightly strange subject for a blog entry and but for me it is all about the details, I love those tiny details — those little things that can so easily be missed. I'm so glad that as the years have gone on and the ownership of the building has changed several times the weathervane and that link to the original use of the building has remained.

Taken with a Canon 70D with a Sigma 18-250mm Lens