Cambridge Wildlife

Cambridge bird

No buildings, this week or bikes or punts or even people. Instead, we have the wildlife of Cambridge. No not the drunken revellers of a Saturday evening but actual life that is wild. This is a seagull (I'm pretty sure of that) and it posed for me for almost a minute while I tried to get the perfect shot. I'm not great at shooting fast moving wildlife. Something like a cow or a snail is fine - they either don't move very fast (snail) or there's a large surface area to focus on (cow). Birds don't really fall into either topic (well maybe an Ostrich but you don't get many of those in Cambridge) and for that reason, I don't tend to fair well with committing them to a memory card. Either the head is out of focus or the body is or the hold shot is in focus with the exception of the eyes.

With this shot, I finally managed to get a completely in-focus shot of a bird! This image was taken at the Mill Pond in the centre of the city and it took me about ten minutes to wait for it to stand still! Finally, it seemed to sense that I was trying to take a picture and stood still long enough to take a handful of shots.

Taken with a Canon70D camera with a Sigma 18-250 Superzoom Lens