Cambridge Wine Bottles

I've never really understood wine. My Wife does. She wouldn't probably consider herself a connoisseur but she does understand the various types and flavours and what wine goes with what foods and occasions. I tend to buy wine based on the coolness of the label and the (and yes I know this won't go down well with wine fans) the price. I'm not sure I'd go as far as buying the £1.50 for a litre of fizzy liquid that looks like urine option (although a bottle of Lambrusco isn't always the worse thing in the world) but entering my card number for a bottle of wine that costs over £10.00 can be mentally very hard indeed! Often leading to probably the worst thing you can say out-loud in the wine establishment - "don't they all just taste the same?"

One of the most famous wine establishments in Cambridge is the Cambridge Wine Merchants. A floor to ceiling collection of basic wooden shelves containing every type of wine and bottled alcoholic beverage you could imagine. Each shelf is crammed with new and existing wines from every corner of the world (so I am reliability informed) - each decorated with a hand written label telling the shopper exactly where the wine is from and what to eat it with. It a wine lovers paradise. My other half could spend hours in there (that probably didn't sound right or paint her in the best of lights) but mainly because of the sheer number of wines and options to choose from. 

The first of this weeks two images were taken with my trusty Iphone on a visit to the store a few months ago. My other half was having fun choosing a bottle of wine for us to take to a gathering we were attending and I found myself almost mesmerised by the sheer colour and quantity of the bottles around me. The second image was taken early one morning and shows their proud (and impressive) claim to how many wines they stock. Anyone who has been into the store will probably believe it! 

Taken with an Iphone 5s smartphone and a Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso200 / F8

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