Cambridgeshire Spring Snowdrops

Two images this week, mainly because I couldnt choose between them. I was going to title this week's entry “Images of Summer” but as there are spring time flowers (snowdrops to be exact), the summer moniker wouldn’t fit. Welcome then, to the first sign of spring! Both these images were taken at Anglesey Abbey (a Cambridge By Photo favourite) earlier this year. The snowdrops are a popular event on the Abbey's calendar and people are literally coached in from all corners of Cambridgeshire and beyond to see the carpets of delicate white flowers which beautifully takeover the flower beds and open areas. 

Both photos had a tidy bit of work done to them in post production - mainly to balance the light and also bring out some of the darker details areas. 

Both images are available today to purchase either as a print or ready to hang wall-art or as a downloadable image file to use wherever you see fit. Click on the link to below to check out of these and some of the other photos from area Cambridgeshire.

Taken with a Canon 70D DSLR Camera and Sigma 18-250 Lens.

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