Clare College Bridge - Cold Filter

I love this bridge. Clare Bridge in Cambridge to be exact. I've taken many photos of it in many different situations, times and weather. I love how the river appears to channel its way through the back gardens of the colleges as the thick stone walls seem to grow up out of the waters. Buildings on one side and gardens and trees on the other - the bridges linking the two sides together as they criss-cross the water. Clare Bridge always seems to draw me to it. I love the bold reflections that it always creates in the water and how the Cam carries on behind it, fading into the far distance. Add to the mix the early morning mist of a cold winters morning and you have a very eerie scene. 

For me this was such a morning. The freezing mist was hanging in the air as a took a very chilly morning walk around the deserted city. It was bitterly cold - proper, breath in the air, stinging sensation to the ears and slippery underfoot cold. My Wife was planning to come in with me to take some photos as well, but upon slowly forcing her leg from under the duvet and the cold hitting her she decided that I should have some "time by myself.  

The car temperature gauge read minus 4 as I drove into the city - kitted out in several layers and scarf and gloves at the ready. Its all very well being wrapped up in the thickest jumper, jacket and scarf with a hat to stop the heating escaping - all of that is wonderful. None of it however helps when you have to take your gloves off to hold the camera tightly to take a photo. I've tried using gloves before, various types designed for such a job. None of them however seem to give you the same feeling and control when holding a camera. As the nights and mornings are now starting to draw in and the temperatures are falling, If anyone can recommend a make that they use I would be very interested. For the moment however I will be holding my camera while my fingers slowly freeze around the outside. Anyway, moan over! 

I played about with several filters in Lightroom with this image. I wanted to try and great the feeling of cold. The final image was a mixture of a basic HDR filter and then some playing with the colour tones and highlights.

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Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso400 / F10