Coffee Cups

coffee cups

People drink a lot of coffee in Cambridge - I drink a lot of coffee in Cambridge! There aren't many streets (if any) within the confines of the city centre that don't play host to some kind of coffee establishment. Cambridge, like most cities is a hive of coffee shops, ranging from the big name brands whose branches seem to be literally everywhere to the smaller and privately owned stores - trying to offer some a little different to the "homogenised big name brands." 

Cambridge appears to be fighting back when it come to the David and Goliath fight between the independent coffee stores and the big name brands and over the last couple of years the city has seen an influx of coffee stores whose name doesn’t end in “Bucks, Nero or ‘osta.” This week;s image could be seen as the methodical decline of the big name brands..... Or it could just be a pile of cups in a skip!

Privately owned establishments such as Hot Numbers, the Espresso Library, Relevant Record and Expresso Lane to name but a few – each offering something a little bit different to the big name homogenised brands that still adorn the city. Some offer live music, some offer books to read while enjoying a caffeinated beverage and others try and immerse themselves in the surrounding area to create a neighbourhood hub for locals.

The outcome is that Cambridge appears to carter for every type of coffee goer you could image - whether you want a quick takeout latte or a long lingering drip coffee, there is something for you.

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