Ready For Work

Cambridge Market, in many ways the most central location in the city. It often feels like all roads lead to the market square. Whether it be the shopping streets, the tourist streets, the well, other streets! Wherever you are in the middle of the city you can very quickly find yourself back among the brightly coloured awnings and rows of stalls that make up the market place.

As you would expect, the market takes on very different moods depending on the time of day. Find yourself there during the day and your senses will be overcome with the shear variety of sights, sound and smells from the rows of stalls selling everything from fruit and veg to clothing, Spanish ham through to hand carved wooden toys. Bacon rolls through to vintage records. More on the "Cambridge Market Vibe" in another post. 

Visit the market place late at night and the place looks very different. With no stock, or displays nor hustle or bustle, the market looks empty and lifeless. Just rows of scaffolding poles with piles of rubbish bags piled up at one end. The only life comes from the occasional party goer or reveller using one of the stalls as a makeshift bench to eat their choice of fried meat product from the famous (or should that be infamous) Van of Life burger van. (I have been that reveller on many an occasion!) 

Visit the market early in the morning and the place is surrounded by vans and trucks as the market traders unload their wares and set up their stalls really for the day ahead. Such a morning was when this image was taken. Most of the market was in darkness except for a handful of stalls which were illuminated by some electric lights hanging from the scaffolding. I noticed the figure in the image who was just arriving on his bike. He created a perfect silhouette against the backlight awning. I processed the image in Lightroom as always and simply increase the hue of the yellow and some the blacks to really allow the light to stand out. 

Taken with a Canon600d with a Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM / iso3200 / F4