Duxford Air Museum Panorama

duxford air museum panorama

A Cambridgeshire tourist attraction this week and one that I’ve not visited for several years – Duxford Sir Museum. If you love planes and tanks and jeeps and any sort of war vehicle then this is the place for you, (if you don’t then maybe not) – it is also one the few places in the world where you can see (and go inside) an actual surviving Concorde aircraft (albeit one of the original test models).

The museum has grown massively over the decades from a handful of planes spread across a couple of old aircraft hangers (the museum is located on an original World-War 2 air strip) to the impressive collection it is today (I’ve got no basis to this but it must be one of the biggest aircraft collections in the world – someone prove me wrong).

This week’s image is taken from the American aircraft hangar located (almost) at the far end of the museum and was taken with my trusty Iphone X in Panorama mode.

My trip to Duxford on this occasion was part of a family outing and it deemed by a higher power than me (my lovely Wife) that it wouldn't be right to take my camera and spend all my time taking photos and ignoring everyone (not that I do that!) I regretted not having my camera.....

Luckily, I had my trusty iPhone and its impressive Panorama mode. I decided to turn the image black and white to allow the shear variety of shapes to stand out. The images was taken, processed and uploaded from within the phone.

Taken with an Apple iPhone X Smartphone.

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