Evening Fire

Some iPhone Art this week and something I love to take photos of - the amazing and mesmerising sight of the sun setting and filling the sky with a golden glow of sunlight. The big problem, all those years ago was that you had to make sure you had your camera with you at just the right time to capture those perfect moments as the sky appeared to turned to fire. Nowadays of course this isn't the case as we all have those amazing little pocket computers called smartphones - we're able to capture those moments within a few seconds of seeing it - any time, any place and any where.

Its for this reason that most of my shots of sunsets (and sunrises) are taken with my trusty iPhone. The countryside around Cambridge is extremely flat (a speed bump would often count as a mountain around here) and the you seem to be able to see to the ends of the earth. This particular shot was taken one evening May while I was travelling home one evening (I forget where from and it doesn't really matter). As I cam through the start of my village I could see the sky beginning to erupt with colour as the sun was ending its day. I quickly headed back out into the countryside and found a place to stop (fairly safely) on the side of the road. The sun was all but gone but the sky was still bathed in a deep orange glow as I snapped several different shots; changing position a few times to get a variety of foreground silhouettes. 

I loaded the shots into my trusty Lightroom and chose the one I liked the most. The only slightly alteration was to increase the situation levels a couple of percent. 

Taken with an iPhone 6s Plus Smartphone