Filming A Kings Winter

filming winter at kings college chapel in cambridge

Continuing the winter theme from the last couple of weeks with a crescendo of snow. I cannot remember the last time we had this much snow in the city and in such a short space of time. When I went to bed in the early hours there wasn't a flake in slight. Waking up the next morning and opening the curtains to see a perfect, unspoilt blanket of white as far as the eye could see.

Taken early on Saturday morning (9th December) and with umbrella in one hand (soon discarded due to lack of hands (DSLR's tend to need two hands to hold properly)) and a plastic bag over the lens and body to try and avoid getting the camera too wet, I tried to focus through the increasingly heavily snow.

This weeks image shows you just how hard the snow was coming down. This classic view of Kings College Chapel has one extra addition - namely the cold looking figures in the foreground.

They are the BBC - not the whole BBC you understand but the outside broadcast unit. They were filming the opening credits for the yearly "Carols from Kings" Christmas TV show. "We've waited a decade for snow," one of the cable carrying technicians told me. 

Taken with a Canon 70D DSLR Camera and EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens.

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