A plateful of macaroons in a cambridge cake shop window

I've never understood why macaroons are so expensive. I mean, their only posh biscuits after all. I've always preferred a Viennese whirl to be honest. My Wife loves them (unfortunately she also loves Viennese Whirls). 

Anyway, this week’s image shows the window from a favourite and famous Cambridge café – Fitzbillies. To take a paragraph from their website.

“Fitzbillies was founded in 1921 by Ernest and Arthur Mason, using their ‘demob’ money from the First World War. Their initials are still visible in worn-out gold letters on the original art nouveau shop front in Trumpington St. It started life as cake shop, with the bakery behind it, selling a wide range of fancy cakes and of course the famous Chelsea Buns.”

Ah, the Chelsea Buns. One of the reasons why Fitzabillies is so popular. The sticky, gooey, bready creation is a reason by itself to go in there. So why do we have a photo of a pile of (less exciting) macaroons then? Simply because the display caught my eye as I walked passed! It did persuade me however, to go and buy an aforementioned Chelsea bun instead!

Taken with a Canon 70D DSLR Camera and Sigma 18-250 Lens.

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