Frostbite or Respite....?

cambridge snow

Note: I don't normally write my blogs week's ahead of publish date  This week however is a little bit different. This entry was originally due to be published in the last week of July when the UK was subjected to the warmest - not make that hottest weeks for many years. I decided to retain it however and post it a few week's later - hey, maybe it will still be warm!

Back to the original entry.....

I'm writing this week's entry with the outside temperature already creeping up to the mid twenties and expected to finish over the thirty degree mark. It seems very strange to be writing and remembering the bitterly cold morning in February when this week's image was taken.

For everyone in the UK at the moment who is suffering in the heat and wondering whether it will ever be cold again - here is an image of a very cold and snowy day in Cambridge! You can just feel the temperature dropping and humidity dissipating as you look at it!

Hope this helps to make everyone feel just a little bit cooler again!

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