Grantchester TV Filming

This weeks image is not so much about providing a technically brilliant picture but more capturing an interesting moment. This was taken a couple of weeks ago while driving through the village of Grantchester.

Grantchester; a small village on the edge of Cambridge and best know as the location that the famous poet Byron visited when studying in the city and as one of the most expensive locations to buy a house the area. The village was also know in some quarters as the fictional location of the crime solving Sidney Chambers. The "Grantchester Mysteries" were a series of crime fiction books of short stories by the British author James Runcie, set during the 1950s in Grantchester. The books were made into a very successful UK TV show which is now seen as taken over the from the now finished Downton Abbey as one of the Uk's most popular periods dramas. Over the past few weeks several parts of the city have been off limits to the public while the Grantchester Christmas special is being filmed. 

This was exactly what greeted me as I tried to make my way through the village a couple of weeks ago. A large "Road Closed" sign blocking the main street. I would haven't thought twice about it except for the "Tv and Film Traffic Control" that adorned the side of the van parked up nearby. I parked up and decided to take a look.

Coming round the corner I was greeted with a winter wonderland! The church graveyard and the house next door had been transformed into a Christmas scene, complete with copious amounts of snow covering every surface. The principle cast were standing in the front garden having their photos taken. I quickly snapped several shots with my phone (rueing the fact I didn't have my camera (and zoom lens) with me)). 

Taken with an iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone