Green Bike Saddle

I always value people's opinions on my work and you know you can't produce something that everyone will always like. I know that you can't please everyone all the time. "You can only please some people some of the time." I'm sure that some people will look at my work or read my blog and be completely unimpressed. Thats fine - better to create an emotion than nothing at all. My Wife, who always supports me in the endless visits into Cambridge to try and capture that next moment (and appears to be a fan of my work) does have one bugbear with my photography..... "Not another black and white image with a bit of colour!" Well I'm really sorry but you might not be a fan of this week's entry! I'm not quite sure why she doesn't like them - she isn't a massive fan of the abstract image style so maybe thats it? Either way, sorry Bev! 

Anyway, we have more of the same this week - an image of Cambridge in black and white with a key element retaining its colour. I like these. I love the starkness of the image and how the bright single colour shines through - showing off that single element that you might have otherwise missed.

This week's image also takes into account another of my photography faves - bikes! It was taken just off the main market place and is one of the most crowded of the main cycle racks across the city. I don't think I've seen a spare space in it. I love the apparent madness of all the metal and machinery on display - organised, but only to a degree. Sticking out from inbetween the mass of saddles, handlebars and metal was a very proud green face, adorned on a saddle. It instantly stood out, which was the reason for choosing it as my abstract spot of colour.

A quick note to say have a look at my new Instagram page - lots of previous images there and lots of other examples of my Cambridge work. You don't even need to have an Instagram account to few the site on line! Hope you enjoy it.

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Taken with a Canon600d with a Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM / iso100 / F5.0