Happy Birthday Cambridge By Photo

This week is something of an anniversary and a reminiscing. Two years ago this week, the Cambridge By Photo blog site was born. Although the first actual entry wasn’t until the beginning of February t was this week back in 2015 that I registered the domain “Cambridgebyphoto.” This weeks image is a homage to some of the 104 entries from the past 24 months that have made up the Cambridgebyphoto blog. I thought this week I would give a little history to the blog and plans for the future…..

The blog was started as a way of showcasing some of the images I’d taken around Cambridge. A new image published each week along with a description of the where, why and how of the shot. A snapshot of the city of Cambridge, or as I put it at the time - "The Beautiful City of Cambridge, immortalised One Photo at a Time." 

After a few months and several requests asking whether my work was for sale, I decided to sell some key pieces via another website. It proved fairly successful, but it always niggled me that the blog and photo store wasn't all in the same place. I was also convinced that I was losing sales by having the blog and store in different locations. 

Towards the back end of 2017 and after a lot of planning and researching, I decided to completely resign the site and incorporate a proper photo store into the site. The whole site underwent a complete makeover and refresh - all designed to make the pages as clear and easy as possible to navigate. At the same time as the new site launch, I also changed the print house that I use to produce and deliver my work. This allowed for a greater variety of Wall-Art types and size options. 

Now, some several months since the launch, the site is doing well and the photo-store is already seeing a steady stream of orders. As always, thank you to everyone who supports Cambridgebyphoto - whether you've bought an image or read the blog each week; thank you for all the support.

Let's see what Cambridge throws at us in 2018! 

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