Jesus Lane Sunrise

jesus lane in cambridge

This weeks entry is more a continuation from last weeks as the images were all taken within a few minutes of each other and at the same location; Jesus Lane in the middle of the city. On a freezing cold morning in early 2015 I must have spent almost an hour on this street as the sun slowly began to rise behind the buildings; bathing everything in a deep golden glow.

I stood in the same position for over twenty minutes, watching as all manner of runners, walkers, cyclists and cars went past. Some provided a variety of beautiful silhouettes. I took around 50 images during those freezing cold minutes (it was very cold that day) before my fingers finally gave up any remaining feeling they might have had. One such image has already been posted "Morning Runner"

One thing I have learnt since "getting into" photography is the art of patience. On my first few trips into Cambridge with the express intention of capturing something exciting, I would rush around here and there, hoping that the perfect shot with jump out at me. Now sometimes this was the case but generally, the chances of being in the exact place at the exact time were fairly low. I've now learned that the best plan is often just to stand in one place and just see what happens....

This practice was born into success when I spent nearly two gorgeous summer hours' on a bridge over the River Cam (sounds like a film title) watching people messing about on punts. I took almost 300 images during those 120 satisfying minutes (that's two and a half photos a minute if my maths is correct). The same could be said of the freezing morning that this image was taken (have I mentioned before that it was cold?) I took around fifty images over those minutes and seconds that I rooted myself to the spot, just down from All Saints church (see last weeks image).

Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm Lens / ISO 100 / Exposure 1/800