Kayak On The Cambridge Cam

Life isn't always sedate and relaxed on the River Cam. Among the punts and more punts making their way (mostly) sedately up and down the waterways, the River Cam has a thriving market for water sports and something just a little bit more strenuous. Head along the river; out of the main tourist areas and towards the next village of Grantchester and you'll often be surrounded by kayakers, canoes and even the odd rowing boat. Several rowing clubs base themselves along the Cam and every college in the city has their own boathouse and rowing team who can be seen practising most mornings. 

This particular image was actually caught purely by luck and is partly why some of the oar isn't in perfect focus. I was standing on Clare bridge early one morning trying to capture some of the many birds who also frequent the river. I looked up and noted the kayaker coming towards me at full speed and just managed to hastily adjust my camera settings in time to catch it. In hindsight I should have gone for a narrower aperture than F5.6 and then the part might have been in focus! Most importantly I managed to get the facial features as sharp as I could. I love how focused he seemed - completely eye on the prize. 

The image has had no post processing at all - which is a change for me!

Taken with a Canon600D with a Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS / iso100 / F5.6

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