Kings And Fire

This is one of my favourite images of Cambridge, so much so that I choose it as my Twitter header image!(@photowarrington if you wanted to check it out!). The image was taken on the same day as another photo in an early post - "Kings College - A different view" ( It was taken on a cold morning with one of the most incredible sunrises I have ever seen. By pure luck I happened to be in front of  Kings college as the sun begin to show itself behind the buildings. It created this amazing fire like vista with vibrant shades of yellow and orange, filling the sky like someone had turned on a bright torch. It bathed the college in light and created a perfect silhouette of the historic buildings. 

I love taking photos of sunsets. No two are ever the same and the shear variety of colours and shades and the shapes made by the buildings and objects in its wake makes for an almost magical experience.

I took several photos during that sunrise, moving across the grass area in front of the college to capture various different angles and views.. I settled on this particular shot because I liked how the nearby tree which appears to be photo-bombing the shot actually helps to fill it. The image was processed in Lightroom as normal with a small increase in colour levels for the sky and the removal of a few artefacts on the buildings.

Taken with a Canon600d with a Canon EF-S 18-200mm lens / iso400 / F11